Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Term 3

What’s On in Term 3?

Can you believe that half of the year has passed by already?  Time flies when you’re having fun!  Term Three is shaping up to be a very exciting and interesting term for the Year 2 classes.  Take a look at some of the challenges that lie ahead:

INQUIRY UNIT – “The Physical World”

Our Inquiry Unit this term will focus on the scientific physics of Push and Pull forces. We shall investigate gravity, magnetism, air forces and water forces. The students will observe and create mobile mechanisms and they will hypothesize and experiment with different strategies and materials associated with push and pull forces. We have two science incursions booked for Year 2 to compliment all the inquiry work we do throughout the term.         


In maths this term, the children will continue to focus on number, addition and subtraction and the processes of multiplication and division. We shall continue to work on place value and fractions.

Students will focus on aspects of measurement using formal and informal units.  This will include the exploration of time, length, area, problem solving, shape and space. We shall also be exploring the strand of Statistics and Probability.


 The writing genres we are focusing on for Term 3 will be narratives, poetry, report writing and procedural text.

Literacy centre groups will continue with every student participating in a clinic Guided Reading session with their teacher every week.

Our SMART Spelling Program words will be on the Homework sheet each week and the children will have daily instruction regarding these words and spelling rules. The take-home books system remains the same but we are injecting new books into the boxes for children to choose from.


Each student will have individual time on one of our Year 2 laptop computers every week. Work on the computers will include using WORD and other Microsoft programs. The children will responsibly, though under supervision, conduct their own online research too.


Regular weekly homework will continue through Term 3. 
We encourage parents to oversee the daily home reading program. Children should be reading for at least 15 minutes a day! 
Children will continue to be given their homework on Monday, which is to be completed and handed in on Friday. Weekly homework consists of the SMART Spelling words, one chosen Maths activity and one chosen Spelling activity.


 The Year 2 children will continue to take care of our Vegetable & Herb Garden. They will be planting, growing, harvesting and using the ‘produce’ they have nurtured. We’ll be making yummy Potato and Leek Soup early this Term.



First day of Term                                       July 17th
Year 2 Magnets incursion                          August 9th
Curriculum (Student Free) Day                  August 17th
Crazy Hair Day charity fundraiser              August 18th
Book Week                                                August 21st
Wacky Wednesday Dress Up                    August 23rd
Magical Science In-visit                             August 31st 
Footy Day - Last Day of Term                   September 22nd