Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Term 2

What’s on in Term 2 in Year 2- 2017
Welcome back to Term 2!

Our Inquiry Unit this term will be ‘From Paddock to Plate’!

Students will learn about the origins of food and the different types of food we produce for human consumption. We will be studying where and how food is grown/gathered and the various processes involved before food is eventually eaten by humans.

 We shall go on excursions to a market and an educational “hands-on” bakery where the children will make their own food from basic materials. Our own Junior Campus vegetable/herb garden will be a vital resource for us as we continue (in our BLOOM activities) grow, harvest and prepare food to eat here at school.

After learning about different types of farms the Term will culminate with each student undertaking a project designing and creating their own model farm.   

Our Maths program in Term 2 will continue with work on counting, number patterns, place value and the four computation processes. During maths lessons students will also learn about statistics and probability, reasoning strategies, problem solving and measurement.

In our Literacy program the teaching focus in writing will focus on sentence structure, SMART spelling and grammar as the students write narrative and explanation tasks. Through small group, ability based literacy/reading centres the students will continue to enhance their comprehension and text-analysis skills.

The Year 2 Sports program will continue next term where children will participate in weekly sport rotations covering various gross motor skills and games to further develop their sportsmanship. Year 6 students will be supporting us actively with our weekly sport lessons.

Our BLOOM program continues with students furthering their gardening and outdoor environment experiences.

We shall continue to develop our students’ understanding of our Whole School Values Program. All students in the school will be participating in a special Resilience Project which will include our 2017 Expert in Residence Program.

We are now excited to announce that we have 28 laptop computers in our Year 2 level. Seven of these laptops are housed in each classroom and once a week each class borrows the laptops from the other classrooms so we can conduct a weekly lesson with all students working on their own laptop. These will be used to further enhance other areas of learning.

Homework will continue in Term 2 with the students undertaking a chosen spelling and maths activity. Each week for homework the students also need to write out their spelling words from Monday to Thursday and keep up their routine of appropriately levelled reading at home.

We are off to a great start in 2017!

Important Dates:

April 18th    First day of Term (Tuesday)
April 25th    ANZAC DAY holiday
April 28th    Curriculum (student free) Day
May 16th     Excursion to Victoria Market
June 12th    Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Year 2 Teachers

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